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Commercial Electrician for Maintenance & Repairs :: B & S Murray Electrical

When you are looking for an electrical contracting company dedicated to the commercial and industrial areas – B&S Murray Electrical are all you need…

As a client you'll benefit from our dedication to servicing the commercial and industrial areas of the electrical industry for more than 28 yearsWe have developed a reliable and trustworthy business with a reputation for successfully delivering a full range of services as industrial electricians to satisfied customers.

As a result you will receive…

  • Competitive prices
  • High quality work
  • Jobs delivered by the agreed time

Your frustrations resolved for you when… 

  • your equipment breaks down;
  • you're trying to install new equipment; or                           
  • trying to find out what's right for your requirements.

Whether you are a building company or a large production plant we have solutions for you…

SOLUTIONS we can provide you:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
    You can SAVE MONEY on unexpected repairs by scheduling in regular maintenance checks on your electrical equipment. Prevention is always better than cure. Our commercial electricians will come out to your premises to assess and discuss your individual needs. 

It is important to design a maintenance program that will take the hassle out of remembering to book in electrical repair work and prevent unforseen breakdowns which may cause a loss of time and money.  Call us today to book in your obligation free maintenance assessment.  We can fit in with your budget.

  • Energy Consumption
    Is energy consumption one of your priorities?  When you find ways to reduce your energy consumption you are able to achieve two things…
    1. You are reducing your impact on the environment; and
    2. You can SAVE money on your electricity bills. 

There are many ways you can reduce energy consumption with a few simple changes - energy efficient equipment, regularly maintaining existing equipment for efficient usage and switching to energy efficient lighting. 
If you are a small, medium or large business we can help you to find ways to manage your energy consumption through innovation, planning and use of quality equipment.

  • Installation of More Efficient Equipment
    Are you unsure of the best decision to make when it is time to purchase new equipment or when the existing ones need replacing due to age?  To help you below are a few things to consider when making decisions…
  • Does the existing equipment meet OH&S regulations?  Old equipment can be dangerous, especially when it hasn't been maintained regularly. 
  • Is your current equipment still running efficiently?  The costs of improvements or purchase of new equipment can be offset against your capital.  You will also benefit cost wise by the improved time efficiency of your new equipment. Talk to our electricians for advice on the best options for you.
  • Is your current equipment and/or lighting looking the worse for wear?  For example, if you have a shop or building with outdated lighting and equipment it can give the wrong impression to clients or maybe be a potential safety risk.   First impressions count - if you want your business to be successful  - it must look successful.

Phone us today on 3881 0140 to find out which solutions will be best for you…

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